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I organize cultural and poetic events, because I believe that these are a precious occasion of meeting, sharing cultures and universes and building bridges between the artists and the public and between people and lives of various and precious horizons. I founded a poetic association POEMARTE who will organize regular poetic and artistic events. Stay connected!

The 3 mai 2023 I organized the poetry and cinema night " CORPS D'AMOUR ET DE LUTTE", in collaboration with the association "Le Renversé" and the cultural center "Pôle Sud", Lausanne.

The 19 november 2023 I was invited for the first "Forum culturel Suisse - Brésil" where I presented "Sulle ali della libertà" in a dialogue with Ana Maria Vidal. Here in the attached document some feedbacks. From here an independent network is born , named "Les mots vivants" and with whom we prepare you some litterary surprises for the next months.

The 12 december 2023 I organized the first "UNISLAM DE POESIE" in collaboration with Elenora Fisco, at the University of Lausanne, La Grange de Dorigny, and in collaboration with the "Faculté de lettres et Association étudiants de la faculté de lettres" Lausanne.

Coming soon are some events in collaboration with the musicians Vitor Carvalho and Alba Do
bón Chic, based on my poetic book "Sulle ali della libertà". The first on 19 april 2024 at the Sublime community, Lausanne.

The 4 of October 2024 in Pôle Sud we will organize the 2nd night of POETRY AND CINEMA in collaboration with Le Renversé.
We will inaugurate our new born Association POEMARTE this night too,  JOIN US!!!


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